Stories are metaphors. They map relationships onto a fictional landscape of imagination. The relationships and meaning are what must hold, everything else can be substituted, and even adorned for emphasis or effect. Symbolism can characterize the essential points of the story, otherwise lost.

Stories do not need to be descriptive, but they need to be relatable.

How does one persuade anther human being? How can you capture the attention of another mind, and imbue it with your intention?

Like begets like. We only hear what we understand. We only see what we are looking for. We attract what we are. Who is most familiar to us? Ourselves. Appeal to that. Reflect back what resonates most with the person, and they will gravitate and accept and protect you.

Establish common ground; find similarities. Become the person. Speak their language; use their linguistic style, utterances, tempo, idiosyncrasies, nuances, style. Use their words. Value what they value, and become their equal. Share credit; show solidarity. Act modest; you are their equal. Ask questions; be interested in them. Apologize freely; be vulnerable. Give feedback; you care. Avoid verbal opposition; be constructive. Avoid boasting; humility is humane. Being indirect; be suggestive. Connect emotionally; give the way they receive.

Reciprocity. Get what you give. Model desired behavior. Show the way. Walk the walk. Smile first. Be the change you want to see.

Social Proof. Follow the leader. Others give us permission by going first.

Consistency. Commitments increase follow through. We desire to be dependable.

Authority; be an expert. Establish credibility.

Scarcity. Create demand by perceived loss.

Vividly reinforce your position; provide compelling stories, examples, metaphors to have an emotional impact.

Keys: Authenticity, Be open, Connect, Be passionate, Listen

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