Being Hungry Fast

I just fasted for 36 hours, and it was amazing. I just ate but I’m gonna fast again for 24+ hours. I have so much more time and energy.

Not thinking about food, no post meal energy fluctuations

I was a mess like 4 months ago. Drinking and smoking like every night. Maybe 2-8 beers or glasses or wine 4-6 days a week. Get high before passing out. Chain smoking cigarettes.

I think I go to self destructive modes to shake myself awake and force me to get real about what’s important

Regardless, that’s what happened and ive just decided none of that shit is good. I still drink here and there but rarely, and I have no desire.

feels great not feeling a compulsion for things

Addictions that we rationalize

Think are okay

But in the haze i didn’t even know what OKay is. I deadened myself to what healthy and optimal feels like, and the consequence is I failed to address pressing problems, and things don’t ever improve that way

I’ve come to these conclusions in the past. I just forget them, because I rationalize and lose sight of my goals, or lose faith in myself, and then self medicate to deaden to anxiety

But I feel my absolute best when I am operating free of all chemicals

I feel optimal. My rest. My body has energy. No dragging. My mind is sharp. It’s a work horse. I sleep well, and regularly. I wake up earlier, naturally. I have more time to do things I want to do

Focus and having goals and like telling the little bitch of the ego to shut up is a big part of it

Ego is the enemy

Just dwells and obsesses on inconsequential shit. Wastes energy. Complains. Wishes things were better, instead of just being better

Ego is the enemy

The obstacle is the way

Fasting is a nice addition. Forces you to abstain from craving, attachments, forces you to exercise will Power and self control, self awareness. Fasting is actually quite spiritual. It produces crazy clarity of mind. And it makes sense.

The expression of being hungry for success isn’t by accident

When you’re hungry you’re awake, you’re sharp, your hunting, your senses and mind are engaged

When you’re satiated, full, satisfied, you are complacent, dull, dumb.

It’s nice to force the body and mind to abstain. It produces a clarity, an energy, a focus.

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