Suicide, Celebrity, Selfishness

Why are suicide rates at such highs? Antony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, and many others.

My theory is it’s isolation, it’s egocentricity, it’s selfishness, it’s a culture that celebrates and glorifies the self. And selfishness is the source of all suffering. The self. Narcissism. It makes you mental when your reality is consumed with nothing but yourself. Me me me. It’s empty. That’s the abyss. That’s the hopelessness. When life is all about you. And celebrityism is all about that. And in our modern age, everyone is becoming or can become a mini celebrity.

Happiness is about quality relationships.

There are so many studies, so many stories, so much that backs this up.

Being others focused.

Being “connected”. Spiritually speaking, to others, to nature, to the present.

No one has to leave their house. We do everything online. Social life for many people is a sad abstraction. We shop online. We watch entertainment online. We socialize online. Everything is online. It’s isolating. These celebrities are not immune to it. Relationships are a give and take.

I think a major reason AA is successful is because it creates community… which gives people support, love, accountability.

People who are lacking that are driven to feel good in other ways

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