Oh lord.

Lot has happened. I moved to California November 2016. I’m living in Belmont, CA now…

Currently laying in bed as I type this. I read about someone having a pen pal and remembered you wrote me back! 1.5 years later lol.

I’m working at Panasonic doing industrial automation sales. I took 4 hits of LSD Saturday and had a hellavu trip. Was… refreshing? Eye opening? I feel more at peace. Spoke to my dad about some issues for the first time ever, and we’re working through them.

I’ll write more when I’m not on my phone, but that’s the gist.

Existentially, I’m still wrestling with higher meaning. I read an essay by Kant on enlightenment that resonated me. What stops man from being enlightened is immaturity, is lack of resolve. I tend to think this is true.

I wish I wrote more, or wrote more thoroughly. Somewhere along the way I feel as though I lost my inner voice, where my inner narrative lost its perspective. All my thoughts are consumed in a soup of relativism. They’ve lost their edge, so it seems. What’s important, what’s worth saying, framing, narrating? It seems to come out when I talk to people one on one, but it’s more difficult to write it out, to myself.

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