What does it take to be the best? There are identifiable behavioral patterns of winners, no matter what realm you’re in. Politics. Sports. Business. Celebrity. Whatever. The best of the best are straight killers. They fight. They risk. They learn. They are fearless. They work their ass off. They always get back up. They are focused. They want more and more. They operate on another level, with standards far higher than their mortal comrades. No one but other achievers understand their maniacal zeal for achievement, for domination. They are alpha, they give more, sacrifice more, take more responsibility than any one else. They risk it all. They are fearless. Pure killers. Surgical. They don’t think. They are creatures of instinct. They act. They do. Stress and pain are their fuel, not their foe. They execute. They have a dark side that is their home. Where they are all alone, where they desire nothing but domination, of their body, of their competitors, or their goals. They get up, again and again. They rise to the top, and find out ways to stay there, by any means possible. They psyche themselves out. It’s life and death, always. It all matters, all the time. They love control. They control everything. Every detail. This is how they win. They only compete with themselves. They use their emotions, whatever emotion necessary, to win. Their emotions never use them. They are always in control. They compete with no one. They act, they do, they execute. They are pure animalistic instinct, developed by situations and years of trauma and struggle. They don’t over analyze. They love knowing all the possibilities, but approach with no plan. Their plan is to win, by any means necessary. Whatever it takes.

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